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Welcome to the Myrup family’s website. It describes the family of Myrup, originating from the former village of Myrup in Lild Parish in Vester Han Herred (‘Herred’ is similar to District) in what is now known as Lild Klit (‘klit’ means dune) between the cities Hanstholm and Fjerritslev in Northern Jutland.

The three families

There exist three Myrup families that originate from the little village of Myrup. Each of the three families I, II and III are described with the ancestors, their forefathers and a number of A.-branches – the ancestors’ children.

For living persons, the date and place of birth and marriage are not specified.

Under construction

The English part of the website is still under construction and I refer to the Danish site.

New on this site?

Family trees’ is a good place to start the first time you visit the site. Here you can find an introduction to the three families that originates from the village of Myrup.

I suggest you use the Register/Index to find out which family and where in the family you belong. Find the family first I, II or III, and then the thread is A.B.C.D...

Who am I

You can find out more about me and the website under ‘About’ at the top of the page.


Updates in the ancestors - 25.05.2016

I have investigated a bit more in the ancestors and the inhabitants of Myrup, and have therefore updated the pages with the ancestors and also the article ’Families in Myrup’. There is a new name register.

Reporting changes - 26.06.2016

I have created some forms to easily report changes and corrections. The forms are divided into Birth, Marriage, Death and Changes.You can find the forms under ‘About’ on the page ‘Contact’. 

New on the English pages - 03.10.2017

I have updated them according to the Danish pages. I have translated the three family pages: I-Forefather Lars Pedersen Myrup (1683-1768). II-Forefather Niels Christensen Myrup and III-Niels Christian Myrup. The rest of the family sites are still in Danish.

The owners of Myrup - 01.10.2017

I have begun the research into the owners of Myrup and others in Lild Parish. Therefore I have updated the two articles on the families in Myrup and the owners of Myrup.

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Stories and articles

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The village of MyrupRead more

Myrup is situated in Vester Han Herred in northern Jutland close to the little village Lild Strand. Today Myrup only consists of...

Families in Myrup 1650-1950 Read more

Myrup has once constituted more than just the farm Myrupgård and some houses Myruphuse...

Owners of Myrupgård and Myruphus

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At the end of the 1700’ies, there was a farm in Myrup – Myrupgård and a house – Myruphus. In the 1800’ies there were several houses ‘In Myrup’.....

Register / Index

ll persons are listed by their maiden name, and spouses and partners are marked with *.

Please observe that the list contains birth names and not married names or necessarily name changes.

I, II and III indicates the familiy number. The letters A-J indicates the generation and the number indicates the number in the children flock.

Start looking for which family I, II or III you belong to. Then follow the thread A.B.C.D….



Lis Myrup has been working with the Myrup family research since 1986. Find out more in 'About this website'

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